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Contact: Safety Officer

The safety of players, volunteers, families and spectators is a priority of the Serra Little League Board of Directors, managers and coaches. Please make it your own priority, as well.

Serra provides training for all managers, coaches and board members. We provide the training materials, available to everyone, on this website so that we can all be observant for possible safety issues and be ready to assist anyone injured during a game or practice.

First Aid kits, including printed copies of the training materials, have been provided to each team and must be brought to every practice and game. A larger First Aid kit is kept in the cabinet above and to the left of the refrigerator in the Serra Snack Shack. There are also three, white plastic, "Band Aid" boxes with the Snack Shack First Aid kit that can be used All uses of the First Aid kits should be logged and more significant events should be reported through the Safety Incident Reporting Process. As supplies are used, replacement materials must be requested from the Safety Officer before they reach critical levels. An exchange of a seriously depleted First Aid kit can also be requested from the Safety Officer.

As required by Little League International, we perform background checks on volunteers to prevent those who would pose a danger to our children from associating with the program. If you intend to participate as a volunteer, it is mandatory that you complete, physically sign and deliver a Little League Volunteer Application together with a copy of government issued photo ID to the Safety Officer.

It is the responsibility of each manager, coach or administrator who uses volunteers to verify with the Safety Officer that each such volunteer has passed the screening requirements. At some point this season, we plan to implement a limited trial of issuing ID Cards for some types of volunteers and creation of a mechanism to directly verify volunteers with the master list of those eligible to participate as volunteers.

Safety Incident Reporting Directions and Forms

For information on accident reporting, click here.

Serra Little League Safety Resources

Safety Training Materials

To access Serra's safety training materials, click here.

The training materials linked above are used for in class and online training. Printed copies are provided in the team and Snack Shack First Aid kits for use on the field.

Little League International Resources

Little League provides numerous resources on their website, littleleague.org, including the following items:

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