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Finding the Ball

Slide plays often produce a great deal of dust, obscuring your view of the ball. In those cases, you must find the ball before making a call.

If the runner has beaten the tag, it doesn't matter whether or not the defensive player has the ball and the runner should be called safe. If, however, you are certain the tag was made first, but the ball cannot be seen, point to the defensive player and say, "Show me the ball."

If the defensive player has the ball in his possession, sell the out with an enthusiastic pump of the arm and a loud "OUT!" call.

If, as the dust clears, or the defensive player shows you an empty glove, a confident and demonstrative "SAFE" call is appropriate.

Do not ask the defensive player to see the ball if you're already sure the runner is safe. That conveys lack of confidence in your decision. You should only ask to see the ball if the tag was properly applied but you cannot see it in the defensive player's glove.

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