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Umpire's Movement Around the Plate
  • " If a wild pitch goes back to the backstop, step quickly backwards and to the side away from the wild pitch. This gets you out of the line the catcher will use when he retrieves the ball and runs to the plate or throws to the pitcher covering
  • If in doubt which way to move, turn around in your tracks, find the ball, and move in the opposite direction
  • If the pitch is bouncing around in the catcher's box area, stand still and let the catcher find it, even if it is between your feet. You can't interfere with the catcher if you don't move
  • If you move to the third base side and there is a play at the plate, call it from foul territory, on the third base side of home plate You'll have a good view into the play
  • If you move to the first base side and there is a play at the plate, move up to the first base foul line near the plate, or a little way into fair territory, and call the play from there. Don't cross the plate area in an attempt to get to the third base side for a better view; you'll probably run into the pitcher, the catcher, or the catcher's throw to the covering pitcher

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