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Batting Out of Turn Rule 6.07

A proper appeal in this case is only effective if the defensive team appeals after the improper batter completes the at-bat, but before the next pitch or play. If the defensive team appeals in the middle of the at-bat, the correct batter assumes the count. There is no other penalty.

If the defensive team waits until after the next pitch, the play stands and the proper batter is the one following the one who batted out of turn.

If there is a proper appeal, then the batter who should have batted is out, and the proper batter is the next batter.

Base running plays (steals, balks, etc.) during the at-bat count, regardless of when the appeal is made.


(see the rule book for more), all assuming a batting order of Al, Bill, Chuck, and Dave, with Al due to lead off the inning:

Skipped Batter - Bill bats first and singles. Defense appeals - Al is out (one out) and Bill bats again with nobody on.

Switch #1 - Bill bats first and singles. Al comes up and takes a ball, on which Bill steals second. Defense appeals - No one is out, but Chuck is now the proper batter, so he comes up and assumes Al's 1-0 count. Bill remains at second.

Switch #2 - Bill bats first and singles. Al comes up and singles. Defense appeals - Chuck is out, Al goes to the bench, Bill goes back to first, and Dave is the next batter.

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