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Base Running

Situation 1 - One out, runner on first.

The batter pops a quick one-hopper to the first baseman. That defenseman fields the ball, tags first base and then tags the runner who never left the bag. Is this a double play?

The batter is out, but the runner is entitled to remain at first since the "force" was removed before he was tagged. See Rule 7.01 and 7.08(e).

Situation 2 - Bases loaded and two are out.

The batter walks forcing all runners to advance. The overzealous runner from second advances to and past third toward home. The alert catcher throws to third and the runner is tagged prior to his returning to the base, and before the runner from third touches the plate. Does the run count?

The run counts since the run was the result of an award. Rule 7.04(b).

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