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Serra Little League News
A note from the Outgoing President of Serra LL

Hello members of Serra Little League. It is time once again to prepare for the upcoming 2016 Little League season with registration only weeks away. Current Serra board members have already been working hard and started planning for another exciting season of Little League Baseball. I am reaching out to all Serra Parents to let you know we are struggling to accomplish the basic tasks ahead of us that keep Serra LL fun and rewarding for our players and families. Serra's long-term viability depends on you as volunteers; simply said, we need more board-level volunteers. Over the next two seasons, we have an extraordinary number of board members leaving their positions as their kids are aging out. While we have reached out to parents about becoming more involved, we have had very few volunteer. We have an immediate need to recruit parents in the following positions for the 2016 season:
  1. President - Oversight and leadership for the board of directors & entire league.
  2. Vice President - Assist the President and support league-wide initiatives and activities
  3. Secretary - Attend board meetings, take detailed meeting minutes and distribute to board
  4. Fundraising Coordinator(s) - Oversee fundraising activities and lead committee responsible for cookie dough & sponsor program
  5. Registration Coordinator(s) - Lead overall registration process and oversight of the registration committee
  6. Instructional Coordinator (Training) - Coordinate outside resources to provide training of managers/coaches/players
  7. Post Season Coordinator - Coordinate post season activities, All Star and District "TOC" hosted games
  8. Trophies - Purchase end-of-season awards for the league and assist in the distribution of these to the players
If you think you may be interested in joining the Serra Board of Directors or would like to discuss any of the above positions, please contact me directly. Alternatively, reach out to any of the board members to discuss how you can get involved. Visit www.serralittleleague.com/board of directors for a complete list of members.

Serra is not the only league in the district that is challenged with stagnant player numbers and declining volunteers. Coming in the 2016, the Cupertino National & Tri-Cities have merged to operate as a new league, Cupertino LL. Additionally, Cupertino American has merged with Moreland to unify and leverage resources.

Last year was my fourth and last season as President of Serra LL. This season I have volunteered to act on behalf of the Serra Board investigating merger opportunities with our neighboring Sunnyvale leagues. Possible merger activities has been briefly discussed in the past years, but this season the Serra Board feels it is in the best interest of Serra LL to investigate potential opportunities that will keep our children playing the game of baseball we have been so passionate about for the last 54 years.

John Tracy
Serra Little League

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