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City Warning: Ankle Gophers Spotted at Serra Park

Attention All Serra Families -

The City of Sunnyvale has issued a warning to be on the lookout for Ankle Gophers at Serra Park. These rodents have been spotted on both Serra 1 and Serra 2. The Ankle Gopher is not native to the Sunnyvale area, but is indigenous to the Southeastern United States.

The Ankle Gopher gets its name from its unusual behavior. It is attracted by brightly colored cotton socks and is known to wrap itself around the ankles of humans. They are attracted to bright colors, which can be emphasized by white pants. The gopher is more likely to snuggle its victims as it lacks any teeth and cannot bite. It typically feeds on worms and snack shack items that are discarded after games.

Players are encouraged to dispose of leftover hot dogs and other food items in garbage cans found around the field and not to leave them out where the Ankle Gopher can find them.

If a player happens to spot one of these gophers during a game, they should immediately start doing jumping jacks in place in order to discourage the rodent from wrapping itself around a player's extremities.

Current Serra umpire Cody Thompson was approached by an Ankle Gopher several years ago when he played little league, but he had received proper Ankle Gopher repellant training and chased away the gopher by breaking into the Macarena in center field.

All the rain we've received has resulted in higher than usual grass on Serra fields. This has masked the gopher holes from plain sight. Rest assured that they are out there.

Be vigilant and practice those jumping jacks, or the Macarena. If you would like more information on how to do the Macarena, please refer to this training video, or you can ask Cody for a demonstration.

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